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neighborhood locals and complex unions

Houston Tenants Union currently has two neighborhood locals and one complex union. Each has its own history and culture. Our goal is to have a city-wide system of locals and complex unions that can each relate to the unique social fabric that reflects the diversity of this sprawling city.

GASH is made of up of tenants in Greenspoint, Aldine, Spring and Acres Homes, and reflects our commitment to organizing in Greenspoint since our beginning.

Montrose Local Tenants came together in early 2021 to fight the rapid gentrification of the Montrose neighborhood, an attack on the rich queer history of the neighborhood and its important community.

The Villas Del Paseo Tenants Union formed in February 2021 the wake of Winter Storm Uri and one of the first complex-wide rent strikes in Texas. 

We need HTU locals and complex unions everywhere! If your local is not on this list, join us and help build the local in your neighborhood and the union in your complex!

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